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“Gonzalez heating and Cooling are awesome! I'm very very pleased with Rachel Gonzalez because she took her time to explain everything to me to where I could understand. Thank God for her patience and understanding. I would also like to thank Mr Ramirez and Alberto Lopez for the outstanding Job they did installing the Heater and Refrigerator Air. We finally were able to save up to have it done. Thank you Jesus. They cleaned the air ducts, put brand new vents, they took away the old heater or you can keep it. They give you a choice. I finally get heat and air in my carage. Where before I didn't and it was horrible. Andrew the Electrician really did my breaker box it looks new. Lol I'm so very very pleased with all the work they did. They have the best employees and believe me when I say the employees are a reflection of Gonzalez Heating and Cooling. They take pride in their work. I highly recommend Gonzalez Heating and Cooling! You won't regret it. They are the one's for the Job. Thank you all again! My husband and I are very Satisfied Customers!”

Lupe Ramirez

“From the beginning the process was great, Ms. Rachel is very knowledgeable what they say is what they do! They are professional, on time, courteous, well priced, respectful, clean. They cleaned everything up as soon as they were done. My house is heaven now thanks to Gonzalez heating and Cooling. I recommend them highly!!”

Espi Candelaria

“My husband and I had been getting quotes from different vendors. We had already decided we were getting the system. Quite honestly they are all competitive and in the end the prices are similar. What attracted us to choose GHC was the personnel. Rachel was prompt professional and explained things in Lehman terms for me. I also requested the cooler to be placed on the side of the house vs on the top and she said 'No probelm'. The other Vendor said absolutely 'No can do".....the GHC staff very courteous and professional to include the Electricians. They clean the vents with installed new covers. Needless to say we are very satisfied with the installation...the money were saving...and their overall service.
Referral Source: We were eating at Whataburger on West Side and we saw the truck parked there as we took down the phone number. I'm glad we did! :-)”


Ofelia Parga

“The AC unit they installed earlier this year has worked wonders! It’s been a super comfortable summer for us. And they’re in the process of installing our heating for this winter. We’re super pleased with Gonzalez’s services and products. You can count on us to spread the good word for ya’ll.”

Mike Villa

“Mike and his team do excellent work. All the ducts, registers, and heating & cooling system they installed last winter kept us very warm and snug, and this summer has been very cool and relaxing. We are in love with the system Gonzalez Heating & Cooling installed, it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Nick M.

“Gonzalez Heating and Cooling installed and are maintaining all of our heating and cooling systems for our rental houses. They’re a very professional company. They do awesome and consistent work.”

Steve D

“Gonzalez installed our refrigerated air and went ahead and got our furnace replaced with a new central heating unit. Our refrigerated air has worked wonderfully this summer and really helped us beat the heat. I’m looking ahead to a cozy winter too. We deeply appreciate the team that installed our units. They did awesome work! Awesome customer service and very professional.”

Samuel R

“Gonzalez installed my heating and cooling systems. I’m impressed with how polite and clean they all are. Our home is so much more comfortable now! Thanks to Gonzalez!!!”

Jacob R

“Very professional delivery and installation. And the service is outstanding! Highly recommend!”

Roy L

“Gonzalez installed our cooling system and it’s made such a difference in our house! They do excellent and quick work and make sure you get the most out of your system. I’d use them again and highly recommend.”

Katie S

“Everybody who worked on my heating and cooling system was A-1!!! And my house feels great!”

Paul S

“About a year ago, Gonzalez Mechanical installed a new central heating system to replace our old furnace. And we had refrigerated air put in too. Our house is more comfortable now ALL YEAR than it has ever been before. They do great work, and I highly recommend them!”

Nikki A

“We have enjoyed both the heating this winter, and the cooling this past summer, as we had a heating and cooling system installed by Gonzalez. They also installed new ductwork and registers. Our house is so very comfortable now.”

Phillip M

“Mike was great! They installed 2 heating units for us. And our home has been very comfortable this winter. And they also got our system ready for refrigerated air this coming summer. I’m very happy with their work. I give them a “10”!”

Enrique G

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